Getting paid on time isn't an admin issue, it's a business issue.


We provide HR admin support combined with payroll so you have peace of mind to focus on strategic HR activities

Employee Life Cycle Administration

We set up all stages of your employee's journey through your company, from recruitment, onboarding, staff development, performance, engagement, right up to their exit interview.


Payroll shouldn’t take hours so we've designed a platform to ensure your team gets paid on time. Everyone. You can even set it on AutoPilot.

Leave and

Be assured of timely submissions of government-paid leaves such as Child Care Leave, Maternity Leave, Maternity Benefits, Paternity Leave, SharedParental Leave...etc.


Let your team clock in and out as they start and finish and gain new visibility over attendance and costs. What's more, approved time sheets ca be sent straight to payroll in a single click.

Performance and Training Management

Keep track of your top performers. We help you review and develop your performance management framework, policies and appraisal tools for optimal alignment with your organisational goals and values.

Work Pass

Save time by letting us do the legwork for your work pass matters. We help you submit and track applications for your employees and their dependents. We also monitor their case and remind you on renewals.

meets platform

Our reliable and easy to use HRIS platform gives you access to HR functions at your fingertips.

Pro Business Terms

No lock in period
Transparent Pricing


Outsource or Self-managed
Single HRIS Platform
‍‍Easy to Add/Remove

No System Maintenance

Secure Hosting
Professionally Maintained
Fully Backed Up

payroll outsourcing


Payroll Processing

Bank Submission

Itemised Payslips

Statutory Submissions

Tax Clearance

Year-end Tax Submission

Need more convincing?


Access to expertise

You will not need to train new hires on your payroll function. The Payroll outsourcing services provider will have the ready expertise to manage your  payroll processing. You will only need to provide the policy, direction and perform final verification.

Improved processes

Outsourcing will create cost transparency and hence, organizations will be compelled to examine wastage or process inefficiencies.

Enhanced confidentiality

Payroll information is sensitive within an internal environment as comparisons are inevitable. On the other hand, have no vested interest in the payroll data. As such, you can enhance your payroll confidentiality internally.

Stay Updated

Increasing complexity in tax requirements and payroll in Singapore require constant updates. Your Payroll auditer will ensure that you have access to such updates and this eliminates your time and energy in keeping abreast of such changes.


As most outsource providers provides pricing plans to meet various business sizes, you can be assured of resource availability should your headcount increases and in the event of a downturn, you will not be saddled with unnecessary overheads. For businesses with seasonal demands, outsourcing supports the change in demands.

Focussed Resources

Payroll is a labour intensive function and hence implementing payroll outsourcing Singapore located, ensures that your internal team’s energy and attention is better focused on value-added activities.



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