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The Great Resignation or The Great Reimagining?
As economies and borders reopen, businesses are entering a period of “reimagining”. By taking a proactive view on how work will be done in the future and how this shift impacts your recruitment strategies, we help future-proof your organization.

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The Future of Recruiting: How To Win The War For Talent in 2022

What are the emerging recruiting trends that have emerged that were not at the top of HR managers' agendas a year ago? Here are the top three recruiting trends for companies to win in the war for talent in 2022 and beyond shared by leading HR experts.

The Great Resignation is Equally Frustrating for Employers, If Not More

The string of resignations are straining employers who have had to keep firms afloat. A commentary by NUS Business School’s Wu Pei Chuan


Challenges faced by recruitment managers

Motivating and Engaging Your People

A recent study shows 85% of HR executives find the single greatest challenge is recruiting and retaining good employees and managers.

Need For Global Perspective

HR managers need to move beyond the micro side of HR and adopt a holistic, global perspective due to the global talent crunch.

Balancing Generational Demographics

As the talent pool evolves, there will  be issues arising from their different needs and attributes.

Making Remote Work, Work

This is forcing employers to adopt remote work permanently in order to retain and attract  talent.

Our solutions encompasses most if not all recruitment challenges

Executive Placements
Direct, Professional & Executive

• All management and skill levels
• Face-to-face pre screening

Temp, Contract or Retainer
• Contingent search - payonly upon the successful completion of a search (typically when the candidate accepts the position).
• Ready and available pool of contingency recruits
• Face-to-face pre screening
• Suited for crises or transitional situations

Hire globally
• No hefty start up costs
• Payroll, Benefits and HR/Legal compliance handled by us
• Find the best talent without geographical limitations
• Particularly suited for technical positions

Our three-step hiring process



Firstly, we help you define what 'the right fit'  means. Job Evaluation Frameworks help us analyse and develop relevant job descriptions specific to your company’s organisational structure and size.



The equivalent of speed dating, we quickly assess if the candidate has the mandatory skills to perform the job. This also includes a face-to-face meeting to evaluate behaviour fit with your unique corporate culture.



Cherry-pick from a list of shortlisted candidates. You can choose to leave the contractual administration and onboarding procedures to us through our HR Outsourcing Services.

What sets us apart

Understand the new normal and anticipating trends

From fully-remote to hybrid work models, flexibility is the new normal. But are businesses ready to operate this way forever? In Asia, there’s a growing challenge of building and developing skill sets for the workforce in emerging markets. These challenges are built into the way we identify, scope and attract candidates. This allows us to see Recruitment as a strategic tool  to maintain a diverse talent pool that will help to counter future challenges.

Responsive to emergency or crisis scenarios

A global health crisis, layoffs, mental health crises, social unrest and an economic downturn are just a few of the key issues keeping HR managers up at night. Our steady pool of experienced candidates available on contract or retainer basis will help fill the gaps as you begin prototyping new workforce models.

Networks that stretch across sectors and levels

We have experience across all levels and sectors, from Finance, HR, FMCG to F&B. Our services include all levels of recruitment, fromExecutive Searches, Recruitment and PEO. Contingency searches means you only pay once the candidate accepts the position. Don’t just hear it from us. Read about what our clients say about us. Testimonials >

We’re HR Specialists with Recruitment capability,
not the other way around

We have the capabilities to manage your entire employee life cycle, beyond just recruitment. Whether it's an on-boarding,  HR administration, adopting strategies to keep them motivated and engaged, career planning or managing their exit interviews, we've got your covered.

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